Classic massage & Relaxation massage

Classic massage:

It is a very popular type of massage. Depending on how you perform this massage, can be characterized in the healing properties,
for relaxation, as well as stimulants. Has a positive effect not only on the skin and subcutaneous tissue, but also in parts of
the locomotor system, such as muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

Masseuse more oppresses and kneaded the muscles during the massage, massaging in a more powerful way than when relaxing massage.
You can also select the part of the body to be massaged more.

This massage is performed on a massage table.

Relaxation massage:

It is more delicate then classical massage and more sensual. It has no elements of strong pressure and kneading the muscles,
the masseuse caresses body and rubbed olive, possibly lightly kneaded.

This massage is a relaxing and very relaxing, especially when it is executed on the mat for massage.
Whole body is massaged or selected part of the body, depending on prior consultation with the masseuse.
We recommend this type of massage for people who are for the first time in our place and do not have much time during the day.

The benefits of a relaxing massage is certainly a relief for muscles and cheat extra energy to life.
Classic massage and relaxation are performed while relaxing music. Also available as a massage with access to the hotel, call and ask.

These massages on request, can be performed in the nude.

Description of massage: Massage classical and relaxation is performed on a specially designed table, used for massage.
Both massages are also characterized by the fact that a special request, you can select "massage naked", our masseuses
perform massages if both naked.


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