Lomi-Lomi Nui massage

Lomi-Lomi Nui massage:

Lomi Lomi otherwise, the Hawaiian "rub rub", a mysterious and ancient massage derived from the Hawaiian Islands.
With this ancient technique can now experience very deep relaxation. Masseuse massaging mainly uses the forearms
and above all distinguishes this massage from other massages.

In carrying out the smooth, rhythmic movements, stretches his arms over his body, rubbing, kneading and massaging,
masseuse uses warm oils with vitamins.
Typically, massaging force is adjusted depending on how your wish is.
With this technique, massage, Lomi Lomi give a unique feeling of relaxation, relieves stress and eliminates
any tension that we have within us

We particularly recommend Lomi Lomi massage to someone ,who is looking for deep relaxation, are who is also very tense,
have a bad mood or suffering from depression.
It is performed on a mat massage, a quiet, relaxing music and candlelight also.
It can be performed by two massage therapists that give a truly unique experience.

This massage on request, can be performed in the nude.


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