Tantric massage

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is not an erotic massage, as is commonly believed, it is a remarkable body massage and senses,
which teaches you how to enjoy your body and sexuality. Tantra is a completely different type of massage, unusual and unique.
It has many characteristics of sex, but it has nothing to do with sex.
This leads to deep relaxation, healing the body, mind and soul, stimulates the life force and relaxes the whole body,
and releases the lock and inhibition in the human body.

With Tantra we regaining the joy of life and we can get to know what other people feel. Tantra teaches sexual intimacy,
physical contact and pleasure of touch. Relaxes and loosens tight muscles. Makes we have a greater desire for sex.
Tantra massage performed on a mat or mattress.

The masseuses perform massage with her whole body ,movements are slow and gentle and intimate parts are massaged old Tantric technique.

Note: Tantric massage is performed by a naked masseuse.


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