Mobile massage

Hotel - Mobile Massage

You can find a moment to relax a little bit, but not enough to visit our salon, you can book a massage mobile,
this is the massage created especially for you, in the comfort of your own home or during a lunch break,
or just in a secluded hotel.

This form of massage is ideal for people who for some reason can not or may not want to get to the massage parlor.
Our proposal allows us to perform your favorite massage in a place that was chosen just for you and in which you
feel comfortable and thus increase the feeling of pleasure and relaxation, so after a long hard day and thereby
eliminating the stress that could occur after leaving the home or office on the way to a massage parlor.

Our qualified and full of passion and humor masseuse will come to you with a portable bed, necessary toiletries,
towels, music which perfectly cast mood and will, in addition to relax, and perhaps most importantly positive energy.

If you need a moment of relaxation contact us and arrange for a massage designed to Your needs.


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