About us

About us

Are you having a back pain or muscle?
Do you feel tired and exhausted or irritable and tense?
Or maybe you just think of a moment of peace in the company of a nice masseuse?

If so, then you definitely could use a massage ... a long time ago, it was found that touch the other person is the best remedy for these ailments and, in modern times, the quickest way to relax.

In our place we can offer you a lot of massages that is sure to improve your physical and mental condition. We offer classical massage of the entire body, relaxing massage on the mat massage, as well as those from Hawaii Lomi Lomi massage and sensual massage Tanra.

Read more about massages in the "massage" section.
Each massages is different to the duration depending on the type and your needs - 30, 60 or 90 minutes.
Masseuse performs it on a mat or on a massage table, on one-sleepers, using olive oil for massage.
If you come to us for a massage, when you arrive, you will be able to choose a massage therapist who will ask you to go to the massage room where the massages will take place.
You will be able to discuss the details of the massage as well.
The masseuses can be seen in the gallery tab.
With our site you can count on comfort and unique atmosphere.
Our priority is that you during the visit us feel relaxed and regained his strength.

Also We can arrive at the hotel - it is called mobile massage.

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